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Improve your Fuel Mileage with these 5 Tips from Guardian Group

Improve your Fuel Mileage with these 5 Tips from Guardian Group Fuel (gasoline and diesel) can be an expensive commodity, particularly for people who use their vehicles regularly. This is why it is important that you get the best return for your money and the highest mileage possible from every tankful of fuel that you purchase. It is with drivers in mind that we at Guardian Group put together these 5 Tips, on How to Improve your Fuel Mileage.

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Stay Safe and Healthy during the Dry Season!

The dry season is here again, and is expected to last from January until May or into June. This is usually a period of low rainfall and high temperatures. The sunny weather makes for beautiful days, but the high temperatures can pose a risk to health, especially through dehydration. Today we bring you 5 Tips to help you stay healthy during the dry season

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Do You Own a Hybrid or Electric Car? Here are 5 Things You Should Know!

Hybrid and Electric cars have been on the market for the last few years and have been called the future of the automobile industry. This is reflected in the growing global demand for these types of vehicles. Whether you are a current hybrid or electric car owner, or a want to own one in the future, it is important to note that hybrid and electric cars are considerably different from traditional petrol or diesel-powered vehicles, and require different care. That’s why we pulled 5 tips together that you should know, as the owner of a hybrid or electric car.

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Avoid Costly Repairs with these 5 Routine Car-checkups

By doing these check-ups today, you could avoid encountering major maintenance costs tomorrow.

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