Social Responsibility

Guardian Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility

The Guardian Group is committed to executing its lines of business in a socially conscious way, maintaining ethical corporate governance practices in all territories in which it operates. As a customer-centric company, Guardian Group values people, trust, integrity and quality in the delivery of service; a four prong framework which also informs its approach to corporate social responsibility.

The Guardian Group actively encourages individual and societal development by supporting efforts to improve wellbeing and realize human potential in the communities and territories where the company operates.

The Guardian Group’s CSR principles are premised on the following:

  • The Guardian group is committed to playing an active role, in co-operation with other community minded organizations and individuals, in furthering the wellbeing of our community.
  • The Guardian Group will seek, through the involvement of management and staff, to support or initiate projects designed to benefit the community.
  • The Guardian Group wants to be a “caring company”, and will represent its corporate values publicly, while responding positively to emerging societal priorities and expectations in the Caribbean region and elsewhere.
  • The Guardian Group will conduct its business in an ethical way and in the interests of the wider community.
  • The Guardian Group will balance shareholder interests against the interests of the region and community.

The Guardian Group will leverage its expertise and leadership position within the financial services industry and across the region to support and advance health promotion initiatives. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), health promotion entails:

  • Building healthy public policy
  • Creating supportive environments
  • Strengthening community action
  • Developing personal skills through information and education skills
  • Re-orienting health care services toward prevention of illness and promotion of heath.

The Guardian Group recognizes that chronic non-communicable diseases (diabetes, hypertension, cancer and heart disease) are exacting a heavy human and economic cost on the Caribbean region. In choosing health promotion as its broader CSR umbrella for all the territories where it operates, the Guardian Group:

  • Invests in the health and wellness of the people of the Caribbean region and helps promote health sustainability in this part of the world.
  • Strategically aligns its CSR program to the core values of its lines of business, which center on making wise lifestyle choices.
  • Fulfills its role as a socially responsible corporate citizen and behaves according to its core values and principles

The Guardian Group is fully cognizant of other noble causes that should be encouraged in the Caribbean region, such as poverty alleviation, preservation of culture, etc. However, the company is hereby taking a strategic decision to focus its resources on one distinct area, in order to maximize the impact of its CSR programs and induce behavior change in the population.

Our group’s health and wellness project is called Livewell and we have four simple actions we will be communicating in all our CSR project to help the communities we serve practice living a better and healthier lifestyle

  • Get active
  • Make healthy food choices
  • Know your numbers
  • Balance in Life.